An event sponsor and national retailer wanted to leverage their brand in an innovative way. They wished to use traditional methods of brand impressions while utilizing technology that would provide for a definitive return on investment and position them to be seen as a leader in technology. They also wanted a method to provide a premium service during the event that would replace traditional financial transactions.


We proposed a comprehensive plan to utilize a custom technology composed of both hardware and a digital component at a large public event that allowed direct marketing to customers who would be most likely to purchase products from the national retailer. The devices provided rewards for participation as well as information that would be utilized for future sales and promotions.


During the event, information on key performance indicators was available for continued process improvement. As the event unfolded, offers were modified to achieve maximum sales potential. Transactions were streamlined, and the data metrics of the interacting clients and how they chose offers provided a drastic increase of post-event sales.