While working with an aerospace manufacturer, we discovered several inefficiencies that were delaying production and increasing the need for additional man-hours. There was a gap to the modernization of processes and technology systems. The systems in place we encumbered by environmental limitations and didn’t meet the requirements to function in an intuitive manner. The manufacturer needed to increase output by at least 300% while the cost to produce, on our per unit basis, needed to be significantly reduced.


Using a custom designed device produced from an electronics manufacturing partner, we integrated new software that disrupted the process and excessive time costs of the prior environment. We designed a process that was obvious when using the associated new proposed ultra portable device and task built software. Then we proceeded to monitor the metrics and output of the new data results produced from the combined new group of complimentary tool sets.


The design and installed system allowed for constant process improvement while reducing man-hours for legacy tasks by over 75%. The output of production increased by over 500%. Variation of the produced products reduced also. Overall, the production increase was greater than expected, the unit cost to produce the items dropped greater than the cost of the new custom tool set and system, and the quality of the product improved.